Join the world’s greatest message for environmental protection!
Robert Swan, the first person who walk on both poles, once said: “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”. Along with Swan and many more explorers and inventors, we are also inspired for change, but same like them we can’t do it alone, not without you. Our knowledge and experience may be enough to design a zero emission world-wide traveler, but your support is a necessity for the mission to succeed.



ThechSoup Bulgaria support our project for receiving IT products and services. Learn more…

Black Sea Yacht Service Ltd. provide a technical support and place for our first Lab to be built. Learn more…

Team Seasteps is now partnering The Rare Blue Project for increasing the sea protection awareness. Learn more…

Electric Mobility Industrial Cluster now supports The Rare Blue with important connections in business, education, science and technology. Learn more…

Project Eco Earth is our friend from the beginning. They are working hard to put the plastic waste recycling on a new level. Check it out…


Todor Mihaylov
What’s up, guys? My name is Todor Mihaylov, a young engineer, dedicated in sea exploration and preservation. Started in a college of electrical engineering, continued in software university and then mastered renewable energy sources and technologies, helped me to built up the knowledge I need in order to go beyond what’s possible. Working with a several research projects for schools, startup hubs and other organizations , gave me experience and confidence to dream bigger and design things helping humanity to go ahead.

Polina Lavchieva
They call me “Lady Pol The Beloved” – a lawyer, a writer, an Aikido trainer and a mother. My name is Polina Lavchieva and I am staying behind the management and the protection of “Rare Blue Technologies” non-profit organization. Ten years of experience with managing non-profits give me the right skills and the connections to boost the development of Rare Blue Technologies, helping The Rare Blue Project to succeed on time.

Valeri Dimov
Ambitious and creative entrepreneur, specialized in luxury yachts electrical engineering, Mr. Dimov is a close partner, main co-author and investor in some of our projects.

The Crew
Thumb’s up for the people without which this project would not been possible:
Stoyan Dimitrov, Nikolay Krastev, Aayush Joshi, Stiliyan Hvarchilkov, Andrew van Zyl, Boyko Nikiforov, Uglesa Stojicic, Nikifor Bozhkov, Georgi Paskalev, Latinka Ivanova, Desislava Stancheva, Hristo Todorov, Petya Yancheva, Vladimir Zamfirov, Radoslav Radev, Alexandar Alexandrov, Tsvetomir Borisov



To boost the development of The Rare Blue, and to protect the intellectual and material property, as well as to increase the trust of our partners and the possibilities to work together, we created “Rare Blue Technologies” non-government organization. For any questions, do not hesitate to write or call.

Rare Blue Technologies NGO, VAT: 177243343
The Rare Blue Project’s Laboratory:
South Industrial Zone Ostrova KM AD rayon 3, 9000 Varna, Bulgaria
+359 (0)883440990
Skype: therareblue

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