Sustainable Laboratory

Our first laboratory is now building in Varna, Bulgaria. It is placed on area of 60 square meters and is planed to be finished in December 2018. Because of our green mission, we decided to make the lab absolutely independent, powered by wind energy and collecting and filtering rain water.
If you are visiting Varna, Bulgaria, you can spot the construction work from the top of the bridge “Asparuhov Most”, on the right side when you enter the town.


Newest in the Lab is the Lightboard we’ve built last week. Now we can easily develop our new ideas and strategies. And because we’ve made it really good and low-cost, we’ve share all the instructions how to built one for yourself, here:
Wind generator is now ready to make us some electricity…

Such a beautiful day in February! I decide to test our “big door” and the view from it…

We now cover the frame:

The frame we built from steel pipes, connected with screws.

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