• Welcome around!

    Wow! What's that smoke? There is something going on in this lab... After the last experiment of Mad Scientist, the secret door and some part of the wall was destroyed, giving free access to all of his work.

    If you are ready to explore the science behind The Rare Blue Project, put on your helmet and protective suit and sharpen your senses, cuz things here blows up unpredictable.

Neptune – The Autonomous Sea Drone
This is the first project we start with, when we found “The Rare Blue”. More than one year, we are
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Sustainable Laboratory
Our first laboratory is now building in Varna, Bulgaria. It is placed on area of 60 square meters and is
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Microplastic Filter
We are developing a clean-up system for the ocean’s enemy number one – the microplastics. The systems will be placed
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