Captain’s Log – Day 3

      I love the first few days on a new project. My inspiration and motivation is so powerful that I can erase all unnecessary information from my head and learn all the information I need for creating the new thing. I learn technical stuff, tools and techniques for design, and trying to create connections with people that can help.

      Here is the one of the hardest things on every crazy idea I begin – to keep my mouth closed… not because someone will stole it, no! It’s because is so crazy, that even my closest friends, family and even my girlfriend will start asking me stupid questions, trying to show me that is impossible. This is why I just keep my daily log here, but I will not start sharing it until I get more into the project and have some results.

      Enough for today… my head will explode from the new information, so I will hit my heat into the pillow and let my brain to “digest” for a few hours.


Captain’s Log – Day 1

      The day start like most other days… I woke up at noon, made a cup of coffee and breakfast, sit on the computer to scroll the facebook feed for few… well, hours…

Warning: Social network’s newsfeed can ruin your breakfast.

      I have this idea from a while, to design a boat powered by wind and sun. I was missing the time when we designed the solar powered car in the small mountain school before few years. I wanted to return that time… but once again, I’ve being turned into a mindless zombie, scrolling and liking other’s posts, spending my entire day. Once again procrastinating. Once again doing nothing. I don’t know why… probably because I have everything – good job, nice and worm house, enough food and a big store to buy everything else…

      And then, suddenly, something happens. I stand up from the chair where I sit on the front of the computer, just to go on toilet. Sharp pain pierced my waist, stiffening my body in one place. Why this is happening?! I am a sports man, training outdoors every single f*ckin day. I never didn’t even think about a back pain. Well, one of my colleagues experience this often, and he was well prepare with a good medicines. So my suffering was not long.  But this make’s me think…

      I realized that I am not fulfilled. I do not live on my full potential, and I am not happy of how my days pass. I scrolled up my albums from the school, where together with the students we designed  and eventually built a solar powered car, later participating in a competition for energy efficient vehicles. Those three years was so cool, so happy and inspiring, that after I finish the project and went to my home town, I’ve wrote a book for motivation. And now what? Few years later I am doing nothing, designing nothing, creating nothing. But no more.

      About an hour before I write those lines, I’ve searched for videos and photos for people made their boats from scratch. This was the spark I’ve being waiting for so long. I’ve being so inspired, that for about an hour, I found all the books that I needed to calculate everything. I’ve designed this website and prepare it to be the first place to store and share my work.

      And now, after waiting for so long,  I am ready to say again “I can do it”!