Captain’s Log – Day 53

      Last days for the concept development in Scotland. We’ve got a lots of work to do, preparing to move to the town we’ll build.

      But we found time to open the Nerd Zone here in the website, where we already start publishing our work. Nerd Zone is the place, where you’ll be able to find everything regarding the design and the construction of BLUE.

      Special thank’s to everyone who is writing us! You can’t believe how much you motivate us to go ahead. Thank’s!

Captain’s Log – Day 52

      Two days later, it’s another “boring” post in this Log, with no graphics, drawings or eye-catching photos… cuz the only gorgeous mermaid we use to snap with, ran away.

      Those few days we work hard to plan “the next step” of this project, causing the design to stop for few days. Now after the project is “on air”, and people start writing us, we realize that we were not fully prepared for the public environment. A few brainstorm conversations were made inside the team to reorganize what is important, and what is causing the mermaids to won’t stay.

      But we are almost solve the issues, and you guys will start seeing the results soon… and the mermaids too! 🙂

The first thought and the motivation followed

Every big thing starts with a single scratch on a piece of paper. BLUE is no exception. This miracle night, on 10th of July 2017, during one of my night shifts, i watch a movie about the damage we people make on the environment. It was just a background TV noise, to keep me awake while I’m working. I remember, I was retouching a photograph made underwater in The Carribean, a place everyone is dreaming for. And my focus was taken, seeing the results of a the devastating oil spill happened in 1979, when two supertankers collided in Caribbean Sea. Guess what happened with the “Caribbean dream life” environment there?

My first thought was that the circumstances are unusual, how can I edit a photo of The Caribbean and at the same time on the TV on front of me to appear this Caribbean disaster… The second thought was “It may be a sign to stop living an average life and move my ass on!”. And then this idea pass through my head – to build a boat and travel the world inspiring people to preserve the environment. Few minutes later, I was so inspired, that I grab a paper and draw my vision on it… just like that.

This idea was so crazy, that I did now want to tell anyone, because they would laugh and ask stupid questions trying to make me quit, and killing my will. So I keep my thoughts and enthusiasm only for myself. I immediately start reading and watching about boats – everything I could find in the local library and internet. I was obsessed. It was so hard to keep this new idea untold, making me feel so lonely and depressed… But I kept my tongue behind my teeth and keep going.

Then We Become Two…

About a week later another miracle happened. I was again a night shift, but this time I didn’t editing photos, but reading about boats. Then a good friend of mine wrote me. He said he feels so lonely and misunderstood because his parents beat his enthusiasm to be an entrepreneur rather to finish his school and start working. He said – “I will finish the fuck*n school only to get enough connections and start my business. I ask him what kind of business he want to start, and then his answer stones me: “I want to make a ship building company”. Well, ok, this was strange. I prayed for someone to work with, but I never believed that there in my surroundings is a man who is even interested in the vessel building area. But before I propose him I needed to be sure, so I asked him few more questions. And he was the man. He was my future partner walking on the same direction. He study in a naval engineering school, and he want to start business with building ships. Few minutest later I was absolutely sure, so I propose him: “Let’s build a boat for travel the world!”…

And the rest is a history. But we had to do a lot of work before we say it publicly…

Captain’s Log – Day 50

      Mad Scientist is preparing for his daily training. Using a special potion made him tiny enough to become part of the nature. It also makes him run faster and longer… especially when a garden spider runs after him.

He teach us all to exercise at least half an hour every day, because when the body is strong, the mind is even stronger. The physical strength of our Mad Scientist give him the mind power he need to create. And he will need a lot of it tonight, when the “Nerd Zone” in our website will be created. There we’ll share every calculation, drawing and circuit diagram we make, as well as videos from the construction.

Captain’s Log – Day 49

      The celebration for publishing the project makes the vessel mathematics indecipherable on the next day. But our Mad Scientist brew some special radiant green coffee which will blow the tiredness away, giving them the super-powers needed for the calculations to be done…

Captain’s Log – Day 48

      Good Morning, guys! Today is The Day, cuz we set sail… Well, not literally as we will do it after about 15 months when we plan to finish the building of BLUE. No, today our project set sail into the infinite network, going on a mission to reach you, bringing you a peace of our inspiration.

      Our captain is now post his Log on Facebook, where you can often see him there live. Our Boat Builders at the same time share their adventures work in Instagram, mostly shooting selfies. And of course, the Website – soon you’ll be able to explore our incoming “Nerd” section, where every calculation, every draw and the building experience will be freely shared.

“Rum to the bottom, and let Poseidon be with us!”

Captain’s Log – Day 45

      Last days in Scotland. Along with the completion of the boat design, also ends my work here in Motherwell. Few more days left before I take of to Bulgaria, finally to see my family, friends and my precious girlfriend.

      And I just can’t wait to jump into the waves of Black Sea and then to fall asleep on the sand, catching a nice chocolate tan with a white circles around my eyes, in a from of glasses forgotten on my face 😀

“Rum to the bottom and let Poseidon be with us!”

Captain’s Log – Day 43

      Still working hard for the incoming Big Sunday… We want to be sure that everything will be ready and all will be perfect, so you will not only be able to read about the project but also to subscribe and follow the daily feed, which for now is a little boring, but I promise you soon an amazing stuff is coming.

      Also I work hard to improve my English, so very soon you’ll be able to understand what I am trying to write 😀

“Rum to the bottom and let Poseidon be with us!”


Captain’s Log – Day 42

I know, I know…. I promise to start writing offensively, not only when I have news. But, well, today I have not only a good news, but a great one. The presentation video is now finally done. It will be published on Sunday.

We all from the team of The Rare Blue Project just cant wait to see your feedback. But keep calm and enjoy your week… before the big boom – the presentation. 🙂 🙂

Captain’s Log – Day 35

       As you can see, I am far away from the behavior to write every day. But I have an explanation – the 3D model is finally done. We now have the most well designed roof combining an amazing aerodynamics and enough space for 10KWp solar panels. And after that we still have a place for the two drivers to sit on the both side and control the boat more accurately. Check this out:

“Rum to the bottom and let Poseidon be with us!”