Captain’s Log – Day 713

Do you remember when I told you about the endless coastline beach of Northern France? Well it is much more than that. Here in the swampy areas behind the beach are the place where most of the birds (some of them very rare) are nesting in the early summer.

Here I have the chance to see things that are impossible to be seeing around the big town. This of course costs me a dozens kilometers of walking, but it is always worth it.

First few weeks here I’ve got depressed because of lowering my social contacts. French language is not an easy task and most of the people wont speak English. Later on, things changed when I realized that I can just go out and discover the surrounding area. This inspired my creativity and helped me continue with the engineering work.

Then another door opened and brought me an amazing miracle: the most wanted instrument I’ve ever needed for The Rare Blue – 3D printer.

I’ve bought this amazing piece of machinery together with my new partner, Valery Dimov, an electric engineer and inventor, working with the complex installations of the most expensive yachts you ever seeing. Together, we work on one amazing instrument – an Open-source Hydrodynamic Test Tunnel for education purposes with a middle speed fluid flow. I’ll tell you more later.
At the same time NEPTUNE will also be released as an open-source DIY design. I think I’ve already told you that. However More info – soon.
Stay tuned and enjoy your life. Because when you find a way to be positive from what you have, more positive things will come.

“Rum to the bottom and let Poseidon be with us!”

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