Captain’s Log – Day 708

Another long period without updates. Sorry about that! Many things happened over these weeks.
First one is the quitting of my partner Stiliyan Hvarchilkov. He choose another path to follow and it is far away from the goals The Rare Blue have. I wanna say one BIG “THANK YOU” to his dedication and help over this year and half and wish him many many luck!
At the same time, project continues with full speed, even I am far away from the lab again. This time in Gravelines, France. Аlong with the infinitely long beaches of the British Channel, I have also the time and resources to upgrade the concepts of NEPTUNE’s design, away from the distraction of the big town. I also decide to develop a full open-source documentation of NEPTUNE and share it with all of you, so you will be able to create your own “sea explorer”. More information – soon.
And one more thing… here in France I am working on another project: a DIY Hydrodynamic test tunnel for schools and individuals, together with a new partner, that I will announce his name soon.
That’s it!

“Rum for everyone and let Poseidon be with us!”

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