Captain’s Log – Day 597

A small “hasty” step today created an opportunity to put The Rare Blue on a new level.
I went to the Institute of Oceanology (BAS), where the library, with all of the science work, is freely open for visitors. I did’t know that actually, I just went there…
Тhey were surprised, because not every day a stranger come and say “I am building a robot for research and exploration and I wana learn more… about research and exploration” 🙂 🙂
The book they gave me is like a whole new world of knowledge for me. It’s already half-read 😀 😀

Stay tuned. There are a few more cold days left and I’ll start joining the parts of the first “Neptune”.
And don’t miss the opportunity to write your name to the history of this project by supporting the on-going INDIEGOGO campaign…

“Rum to the bottom and let Poseidon be with us!”

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