Captain’s Log – Day 26

      Designing the new roof was more complicated than I thought. For enough surface to capture the sun, we need more area, which extends the entire body of the boat. So today was not the day for the roof, but for the body.

      We recalculate all dimensions and extend the hull’s length by 90 cm. But what we did is that we only extended the bows (the front part of the hulls), keeping the center of gravity and the position of the main mast unchanged.  Now the complete waterline length is officially 19.5 m. What we also change was the length to beam ratio to Lbr= 12, reducing the beam of waterline, as well as the draft of the boat. This significantly reduce the drag, highly increasing the performance and the speed of the catamaran.

      Enough changes… Now is time for the roof 😀


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