Captain’s Log – Day 10

      Things just got serious…
I am on a night shift in the office, where I have a second screen to attach to my laptop. Also a big working table where I can spread all of my maths and drawings.

      It is now time to draw… to draw a lot. And I am not alone. Two of my craziest friends were willing to join, and now we are working together, bringing the things to life much faster. Also I have a good friend with a lots of sailing experience, who gives a precious advises.

      What about the others? Well I still do not share any information. But, seeing me all the time covered with papers containing complicated maths and drawings, some of my colleagues now start to jog with me… “you will give us a ride with your boat, right?”… I have no words to say about that. I’ve already experienced this, few years ago, on the beginning of the school project for the solar powered car. It is nothing different. Closing my eyes and continue.


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