“Previous generations gave us а technological revolution without which we would still move with carts and horses. But along with that, they messed up our environment more than in all of recorded history, disturbing the well-balanced nature processes we use to grow in. Devastating hurricanes, floods and drought are just some of the evidence of this change, and if we all together don’t take a responsibility now, our future generations will pay the price…”
Тhe constantly growing problems with the environment and oceans make us put all our skills to increase the worldwide awareness on environmental protection, as never before. We are Todor Mihaylov and Stiliyan Hvarchilkov from Bulgaria, founders of The Rare Blue Project.
The Project

Our main goal is to explore and protect the sea, designing eco-technologies and sharing our knowledge with the world, inspiring and educating people and especially youth to fight against the negative blueprint we leave on Earth. We believe that the big change will come with small actions. But in order to inspire people to change their focus of money, we need to show them the surrounding world as never being shown before.

Our laboratory is designed to use renewable energy and to collect rain water, making it absolutely independent. We are also use recycled materials in our work, part of them we collect from the sea while our partners Team Seasteps sail or race.

The Adventure
Our journey starts with designing prototype of a self sustaining and self driving (with AI) drone, for exploring the sea. We will try to send it on a great adventure, to “The Way Of The Water”, more than 10000 km, following the rivers Rhine and Danube, sailing the coasts of Black Sea and all the seas in Southern Europe, finishing in the Atlantic Ocean. It will film all the time, exploring and sharing online, the relationship between human and water, how we treat this invaluable resource and how important is for our life.
The Mission
Starting from zero, using our talents, curiosity and knowledge, we’ll try to inspire and bring more people together for the environment, so our children will have the same happy, carefree and abundant way of life, as we had.


Not For Profit, but Value
Finding resources is a crucial part in the beginning of every project. This is the point where many good ideas and causes die, before they were even born, and we are not exception. The Rare Blue is looking for sponsors and partners, who are open to provide funds, materials, services or other support. If you are interested to become a part of our global mission, we will proudly bring your name with us everywhere we go. Write us on project@therareblue.org, and we will arrange a live meeting to discuss the opportunities to work together. You may also donate on our “support” page. We provide a personal donation certificate and a special place for your name in our website, posters and even on the sails.


Be up to date with the project, following our Captain’s Log. Also check in our social media channels, for more updates.
If you are interested to follow our work, don’t forget to share and comment, giving us ideas and suggestions, helping us to move ahead. THANK YOU ❤

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