Captain’s Log – Day 556

Last days in Scotland are some of my best here. Few times left for me to be in the Strathclyde Loch Sailing Club. Yestedrday we’ve learned some of the basic sailing knots, having an hour pure fun… I’ve wiling to learn knots from a long time, but didn’t try. This evening it just happen so fast and naturally. And now I know how to tie everything… and everyone

Captain’s Log – Day 555

Time is ticking, counting the days left for my return in Varna. This one additional month, I’ve spend in Scotland, gave me the chance to take the rest of the parts we need for the lab and for the boat model.
– 5KW power inverter for the lab, which will transform the energy from the wind turbine (and batteries) to regular 220V;
– 2 x electric motors, 800W each, for the boat’s jet engines;
– Full HD camera for on-board underwater life-shooting;
– conductive copper type, for connecting the solar cells when building the sails;
– electronic controllers and equipment;
Time to pack-up. I start dreaming the sea, mermaids and rum, already. But because February is usually cold for the sea, it will be more rum than mermaids, when I come back. So RUM FOR EVERYONE! Cheers! 😁⛵🍻

Captain’s Log – Day 539

In the end of 2018, I can say, it was one amazing year for me, for The Rare Blue and for the people, involved and inspired from this project. Today, I am on work, spending time in the office between the two years. I am still working as a bank inspector, because the project is not yet ready to pay its thousands of dollars of costs. But this will change soon. The project is almost ready to take off. And when it happen, it will change our world for good, giving our children a great, happy and abundant feature.

Thank you everyone, for being with me all this days. Thank you my family, friends and partners, to handle my hand while I jump in the unknown, so I will not get lost. Thank you father, that you keep an eye on me from above, because I know I am very crazy in my decisions some time. THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!

В края на 2018, искам да кажа е беше една страхотна година, за мен, за The Rare Blue и за всички, които са увлечени и вдъхновени от този проект. Тази вечер съм на работа, прекарвайки времето между двете години в офиса. Все още работя като банков инспектор, защото този проект не е готов да поеме сам хилядите левове разходи. Но това ще се промени скоро. Проектът е почти готов да излети. И когато го направи, ще промени нашия свят към по-добро, давайки на децата ни едно по-щастливо и изобилно бъдеще.

Благодаря на всички за това, че бяхте с мен всички тези дни. Благодаря на семейството, приятелите и партньорите си, че ме държат за ръка когато скачам в неизвестното, така че никога да не се изгубя. Бладоря тате, че ми хвърляш по едно око отгоре и ме пазиш от неприятности, защото знам, че вземам откачени решения често. БЛАГОДАРЯ ВИ! ОБИЧАМ ВИ!

Captain’s Log – Day 538

There are a hundreds of different sails setups, each one efficient in a specific conditions. But I needed a sails that are simple enough so I can control them easily.
You will also see that I’ve changed the boat from “biplane” to a single sail in the middle. It’s because the solar material I found is able to produce electricity from both sides.
A lot’s of fun! And a lots of new experience and knowledge ^_^ ^_^ ENJOY!

Did you missed the part 4? Here is the link:

Captain’s Log – Day 536

It was more than amazing Friday morning, after many days without wind. I’ve got a 3 hours sailing session with wooden Albacore – a piece of art for the dinghies. And the owner was really experienced sailor, so he gave a lot of tips. So cool! How was your Friday?

Captain’s Log – Day 519

The plastic solar cells arrived! They are amazing! So thin and so flexible, so I can integrate them into the sails without any trace’s they exists… except they will make my sail producing electric power from the sun! I love it! Stay with me, because after I’come back in Bulgaria in my Laboratory, we will create the future of sailing!

“Rum for everyone, and let Poseidon be with us!”

Captain’s Log – Day 512

The good old Motherwell, Scotland. My visit here is close to the end and I already start packing up. However, the work on the radio-controlled solar prototype continue, even that the boat and its parts is now putted in a box, waiting to be transported to our laboratory in Varna.
I currently design the sails, searching the best possible setup and the best way to cover the sails with solar. It is a real advantage, but I think me and my team are going to figure it out soon. I am also shooting the next video for the Built Of Scratch series, so you will be able to follow all the process. That’s it… Fill your glasses with your favorite drink, because is Christmas near.. I can smell the Gluhwein and my favorite Christmas cookies 🙂

Captain’s Log – Day 510

We’ve managed to get in the water today, even the poor wind cast. But was a nice experience, because I sailed alone with another unexperienced man, so there was nobody to tell us what to do. However, we manage not to capsize :D.

Captain’s Log – Day 503

Great time in Strathclyde Loch Sailing Club today. Not enough wind in the morning to enter the water sailing, but we’ve got some experience with a radio controlled sailing yacht.

This was exactly what I needed before to continue with the sails design of our model catamaran. Several things changed on the initial concept, so now I have more clear vision what sails setup to design and how to control them with motors.

Captain’s Log – Day 486

Curving of the hulls is going really well, but really really slowly. Using these 3x1mm walnut planking strips was a genius idea, but I am afraid that 50 pieces will not be enough. This is why I bough another pack, 6x1mm, which I’ll use for the flat sides. They arrived tomorow, so I am expecting to finish the main surface curving till Sunday and publish the third video of how I am making it. Stay with me, because I have more rum for your glasses. Cheers! :):)